Blog Posts in May, 2014

  • Failing to buckle up may result in a traffic citation add-on

    || 30-May-2014

    Drivers may know that New York law requires them to wear a seat belt, but is that really grounds for a traffic citation? Although Poughkeepsie readers may be tempted to answer in the negative, an attorney who focuses on criminal defense and traffic violations knows that this violation may be combined with others, such as a speeding ticket. In addition, failing to buckle up may result in points ...
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  • Medical technology may change the face of child custody disputes

    || 20-May-2014

    One celebrity story may actually have relevance as far as family law cases are concerned. Jason Patric apparently fathered a child by being the sperm donor for another woman. After the child was born he had a continuing relationship with the boy. However, at some point the mother decided to withhold visits. Patric now would like to regain visitation rights with the son and establish a parental ...
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  • Some advice: Cooperate if stopped for a traffic violation

    || 14-May-2014

    Although no one likes getting a ticket or citation for a traffic offense, today’s story provides an example of what not to do during a traffic stop. According to the arrest report, local New York City police observed actor Alec Baldwin riding against traffic in lower Manhattan. However, that alleged traffic offense is not the reason that Baldwin was arrested. Instead, it seems that the ...
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  • Child support payments can bring families out of poverty

    || 7-May-2014

    We are increasingly seeing matters where back child support is owed by an individual living in another country. It's often been extremely difficult for individuals to collect this child support due to the complicated process required in enforcing such orders as compared to the amounts of money the custodial parent is likely to receive. Still, even a small amount can make a difference. Sadly, ...
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  • New York police crack down on texting and driving

    || 2-May-2014

    Drivers in Poughkeepsie and greater New York may bemoan the seemingly ubiquitous presence of cell phones. The convenience and broad array of functions offered by smartphones make them irresistible to many consumers. In fact, many users may have difficulty putting them down, even when they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Yet New York lawmakers are aware of the dangers posed by drivers who ...
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