Blog Posts in July, 2014

  • Factors that may elevate a traffic violation into a felony

    || 31-Jul-2014

    A news story about a traffic stop typically calls to mind images of speeding motorists, with the most serious result being a speeding citation. However, two recent local traffic stops did not fare so well. In both cases, the traffic stops involved drivers on all-terrain vehicles, or four-wheelers. Both men were spotted driving their ATVs on the highway. Under ordinary circumstances, such behavior ...
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  • Terrence Howard seeks modification to divorce agreement

    || 30-Jul-2014

    New York residents who may be contemplating divorce might be interested in Terrence Howard's current situation. The Oscar-nominated actor says he is unable to pay alimony to his second wife. He is petitioning the court to reevaluate the agreement in light of his current income. According to the actor, who has been in such films as 'Iron Man," he is not able to pay the $325,000 in ...
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  • Negotiating property division in New York

    || 21-Jul-2014

    Many divorced couples in New York understand how problematic property division can be if not managed properly. Often times, people are still held liable by creditors if their name is still attached to the marital home. If the divorce or separation has not been finalized, an individual can still be held liable for the debt incurred by an ex-spouse for non-payment. This may also create a challenge ...
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  • Former Dodgers owner caught in divorce fees fight

    || 1-Jul-2014

    When Frank McCourt, former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, divorced his wife Jamie in 2012, Jamie received $131 million tax-free as part of the divorce settlement. New York readers may remember that she was also given several of the luxury homes the couple had owned together. Part of the agreement, however, stated that if either member of the couple later wanted to contest the divorce ...
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