Blog Posts in February, 2014

  • Case highlights New York law as pertains to shared property

    || 25-Feb-2014

    A Manhattan judge has ruled that the assets of the parties are frozen when a divorce action is filed. This came about when a New York man attempted to sue his mother-in-law in an out-of-state action over certain property. The judge cited New York's Domestic Relations Law 236(B)(2)(b) as preventing this other action from going forward. The husband had sought to seek partition of property that ...
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  • New York man accused of drunk driving

    || 21-Feb-2014

    A man is in custody following a minor car accident in the early morning of Feb. 15, local sources have reported. The central New York man was arrested by police after allegedly rear-ending a stopped sheriff's vehicle. He has been charged with drunk driving and a number of smaller infractions and is currently awaiting trial. Reports indicate that a local sheriff's officer had activated his ...
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  • New York PINS program to now assist exploited young girls

    || 10-Feb-2014

    We've written in the past about the Persons in Need of Supervision program designed to deal with children that behave in a manner considered dangerous or out-of-control. New York lawmakers have now passed legislation that would allow courts the power to refer teenage girls with prostitution offenses to the PINS program instead of placing them in jail. This legislation is a part of a series of ...
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  • New York City uses new camera program to issue speeding tickets

    || 4-Feb-2014

    In New York, residents may want to watch their speed even when a cop isn't in sight, as cameras have been posted in six different discreet locations. This is a test run that the city's Department of Transportation is running. With the issuance of these speeding tickets, their ultimate goal is to put a stop to speeding, as it is reckless and endangers the lives of others. As of now, there ...
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