Blog Posts in 2013

  • New York campaign seeks to combat reckless driving

    || 27-Dec-2013

    Anyone who drives a vehicle has to be aware of what is going around them. For some drivers, it is easy to become distracted while driving. Any type of distraction can cause a driver to get into an accident because of delayed response times to things around them. New York residents might like to know about a new campaign aimed at trying to remind drivers that there are serious consequences to ...
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  • 800 miles: woman drives across the country to fight traffic fine

    || 27-Dec-2013

    Woman from another state was ticketed after leaving New York to drive home following a September 11 commemoration. The citation she received was for having an obstucted view. According to a report on her traffic violation, which was issued in a state neighboring New York, she was told the string of flowers bordering her window, and possibly the political signs and trinkets she had attached to her ...
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  • New York judge will hear state's first pet custody dispute

    || 20-Dec-2013

    Pet custody is a serious issue in many New York divorce cases. Few people want to lose their pets just because their marriages are ending. Determining who gets to keep a beloved dog or cat in the event of divorce is very complicated in New York. Divorcing couples often want these disputes handled in the way that child custody cases are handled, but the law does not exactly allow for that. Under ...
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  • Mom sues New York judge after custody case drags on for years

    || 5-Dec-2013

    Child custody matters are the most contentious issues in many New York divorce cases. Divorcing parents tend to have strong opinions about custody, parenting time and parenting plans, and it can be difficult to reach agreements. In many cases, however, it is possible to come up with a suitable child custody arrangement by working hard outside of court, with the assistance of family law attorneys, ...
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  • Police to increase DUI enforcement over Thanksgiving in New York

    || 26-Nov-2013

    People across the state are likely to travel to see friends and family over the extended Thanksgiving weekend. While families are meeting for celebrations with loved ones, police in New York are likely going to be out in full force, patrolling the state's roadways. According to a recent article in the New York Post, State Police will be working to pull over drivers that they suspect of ...
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  • Are you struggling to enforce a child support order in New York?

    || 22-Nov-2013

    Here in New York, child support laws require parents to support their children financially whether or not they have custody, and regardless of whether children were born in wedlock. Child support is calculated by using a formula that takes a number of factors into account. It is very important that child support orders are crafted in the best interests of children and that parents are forced to ...
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  • Now illegal for NY truckers to text or call while driving

    || 14-Nov-2013

    When sitting at a stoplight or in a traffic jam, it can be tempting for many people to glance at their phone. Some people send a quick text message, and others might place a call as the traffic crawls along. While this is tempting, especially for truck and commercial drivers who are often on the road all day, it is now illegal in New York for commercial drivers to send text messages or call using ...
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  • Can a divorce affect your Social Security benefits?

    || 4-Nov-2013

    According to data provided by Dr. Phil, in 2003, 60 percent of marriages for couples between the ages of 20 and 25 ended in divorce. And although it’s ten years later, statistics haven’t changed much and researchers believe that many divorces happen during this time in a person’s life. But what about people who decide to divorce later in life? Called a "grey divorce," ...
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  • Traffic citations pull New York bus drivers off the job

    || 31-Oct-2013

    When a person needs a clean driving record for their job, a traffic violation can be devastating. Not only can it result in lost wages, but it can make it difficult for a person to seek new employment or get promoted if they are currently employed. Recently, bus drivers in New York have been repeatedly cited for alleged violations, including using cell phones behind the wheel, running red lights ...
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  • Expensive traffic violation fines in New York can be unreasonable

    || 30-Oct-2013

    When a person is pulled over for a traffic violation in New York, they might believe that they have done one thing wrong, but are issued a citation for multiple violations, adding up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A recent story in the New York Daily News shows how some traffic fines amounts are completely unreasonable. Although it took place in another country, a man was recently fined ...
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  • Choosing a legal separation over a divorce

    || 24-Oct-2013

    If you’re a high-asset couple then your biggest concern probably revolves around what you and your spouse will do if your marriage ever begins to dissolve. Often times, high-earning spouses never consider divorce prior to marriage because they never assume that they will find themselves going through this process down the road. Unfortunately, divorce can happen to anyone; even after a ...
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  • New York man arrested on drug charges after traffic stop

    || 18-Oct-2013

    A man from New York was arrested in a neighboring state last weekend after being pulled over for alleged traffic violations. When someone is pulled over, police will often question them about why they committed an alleged violation, and where they were going. These questions can often make a person nervous, and might sometimes lead to an officer asking to search a person's car. It is important ...
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  • What is a PINS petition and how are they handled in family court?

    || 11-Oct-2013

    Ask any parent in the state of New York and they will tell you that being a parent is no easy task. Most parents encounter the usual amount of disobedience from their children with situations such as refusing to clean their room and talking back to a parent. But when this disobedient behavior escalates to skipping school repeatedly or physically abusing an adult figure, then that child quickly ...
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  • Can an anonymous 911 call lead to a traffic violation?

    || 4-Oct-2013

    People sometimes make mistakes while driving. No driver is perfect, and sometimes other drivers might presume a small mistake while moving down a highway means a driver is drunk or being reckless. Two men were arrested on the side of the road after a 911 call from another driver. They pleaded guilty to drug charges after having their car searched, and are now appealing their case to the Supreme ...
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  • Traffic stop turns violent after police allegedly attack family

    || 18-Sep-2013

    It could have been a routine traffic stop. Police could have witnessed a driver roll through a stop sign, pull the driver over and issue a ticket. The driver could have been on his way in a matter of minutes, upset only with the fine he was required to pay for the traffic violation. But that is not what happened two years ago when a 26-year-old man was stopped by an officer with an aggressive work ...
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